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Meet Our Farriers

Lachlan, James & Quantrill
Lachlan, James & Quantrill
Corrective shoeing is essential in establishing and maintaining a successful racehorse. Our dedicated farriers specialise in the preparation of feet whilst assessing any potential lameness issues and fitting appropriate shoes. This includes remedial features where required.

Our farriers and veterinarians work in close consultation with each other to ensure the soundness and well being of each and every racehorse trained by Matthew Smith.

Lachlan McGufficke is a qualified farrier with over 15 years experience. Based in Warwick Farm Lachlan provides a prompt daily service to ensure a high standard of care for all of our racehorses.

James Ravenall has been with Matthew Smith Racing since 2011 as a track work rider. James has recently decided to also pursue a career as a farrier. His expertise and experience with the horses will put him in good stead to become a successful farrier.


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