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No Hoof, No Horse!

Hoof care is as important to your horse as sound foundations are to a building. Without a sound and well maintained base, no amount of cosmetic attention will cover up deficiencies and other problems are sure to arise.
Daily painting at MCS keeps your horses hoof strong!
Daily painting at MCS keeps your horses hoof strong!

Your horse's hoof is an amazing and complex structure which needs to be strong enough to withstand the many tonnes of pressure per square centimeter that is placed on each hoof when a horse is in motion.

Hooves are made of the same material as human fingernails and we know that overgrown, un-kept nails will break and tear back to the quick, causing discomfort, inconvenience and impaired use.

Your horses hooves are just as important as fingernails and play an important role in reducing impact concussion that leads to discomfort which may progress to painful symptoms which are difficult and/or expensive to diagnose and treat.

Check out our latest video below with Lachlan & James from West City Forge!

In this video, Lachlan describes how he assesses a horse's hoof when they first come into the stable and gets them ready to be able to withstand the pressures of training!


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